4 Simple Ways to Tighten your Vagina Post Pregnancy

Tightening your vagina – we know talking about this is a bit uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes humiliating also but don’t worry you are not at all alone. This is actually a big problem for majority of women. In fact, it is completely natural that our body undergoes changes over time. But then why when these change happen in our intimate parts, we feel self conscious and hesitate to talk about it.

Ofcourse sex is not everything in a relationship but sexual satisfaction is an important part of it. An over stretched vagina or loose vagina can multiply the problem such as lack of arousal and many more. So hunt over the internet and find some natural ways to cure your loose vagina. For your ease, we are also enlisting some tips and here they are:

Make use of AloeVera

This natural herb has so many virtues  within. It strengthens the muscles around your vagina and also reduces the irritation experienced because of the loose vagina. Aloe Vera also comforts other genetical issues as well.

Follow a healthy diet

Healthy diet is the solution of all. Estrogen rich foods such as fenugreek, pomegranates, sesame seeds, soybeans, carrots, apple, yarns, white berries and all their products help your vagina to maintain its tightness. A healthy diet full of all these nutritions is very helpful in solidifying your pelvic floor.

Take advantage of herbal creams

Once you clean and dry yourself, you can apply many herbal creams to restore the elasticity of the vaginal muscles. But don’t use any highly popular herbal cream, consult with your gynecologist and ask for his/her suggestion about your private part. You can use a vagina tightening gel, water and lubricants to keep it smooth and moisturized. In fact using a gel is good since it saves much of your time and didn’t harm it.

Always wear cotton underwear

Wearing a cotton underwear is always a good option that maintains proper hygiene. These underwears dry out fast and let your lady part breath in more air. They also prevent unhealthy bacterias from flowing in and keep your vagina bacteria free.

Say no to chemical sprays

The market ready chemical sprays are good to make vaginas smell good but they also cause many harmful effects. These chemical based sprays wash away many bacterias from your vagina which are actually beneficial for its health. So avoid use of them and instead use more natural oils like lavender oil or coconut oil.

Kegel exercises

Exercising is the best therapy to regain your vaginal elasticity. Kegel exercise when done regularly squeeze your pelvic muscles and make them tighter than before. In this exercise you contract and then release your pelvic muscles in the gap of 10-15 seconds. It is the same process when you try to stop your urination flow and then suddenly release it. A daily routine of this exercise keeps your vagina young forever.

So these are some of the best ways help you to tighten your vagina. Follow them and enjoy a better sexual life post pregnancy and forever.