Buying Nizagara

Nizagara is an Indian product/medicine produced by Uni-Sule (Combitic Global) which is an Indian company. Most of us only know viagra, yes the famous drug to get better erection and to get rid of impotence but now-a-days many other companies are finding a generic solution to produce drugs which are more cost effective and gives males the same powerful erection as they get it by using viagra, that is where Nizagara comes into play. Nizagara pills have some positive and some negative reviews, which is not strange as Viagra has positive and negative effects too. We are talking about the side effects but one should understand that human body reacts to different drugs differently. Nizagara is not an exception as the main ingredient Sildenafil is found in both viagra and nizagara.

If you are using Nizagara for the first time, it’s recommended to take 25mg or 50mg tablet on empty stomach, at least one hour before you need to put on a show. With grown age, males often find it difficult to get hard at the time of intercourse. Many factors come into play and results in better erection or no erection. Some doctors say that it’s a mind game, but research has proven that males should be both physically and mentally relaxed while intercourse. When time is of essence and you have to do intercourse within a short period of time, Nizagara is recommended. It gives males firm erection with less side effects. Many users have reported Nizagara to be useful and have reported that they didn’t get headache after using it. For users of viagra, it’s common to get headache which remains for a couple of days until the effect of the drug remains in their body.

Below are some reviews from real users who tried Nizagara:

John says: I tried them and they work great. The side effect for me is the nasal pressure which only lasts for few hours. I normally drop a pill in a bottle of water or my favorite drink and let it dissolve. I don’t particularly like the fact that it doesn’t completely dissolve. I think, I am just not giving it enough time to completely dissolve. Anyhow, believe me, this product really works.

Taking Caution (Nizagara):

Drug interactions: protease inhibitors, aspirin and other blood thinners, blood pressure lowering medications, heart medications, antibiotics, antifungal products, nitrate medications, alpha blockers, other impotence medications

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