Crowdfunding Can Make Your Special Events Better. Here’s how…

You don’t have to be rich to make a lasting impact anymore. Crowdfunding in India has ensured that anyone with a good intention and a suitable cause can create an impact with whatever they can spare to give. The amount of your donation no longer determines its value. In fact, the value of a small amount can be multiplied with the help of friends, family and your outer network.

One of the key aspects of crowdfunding is that it makes charity accessible to everyone. It is no longer out of your reach to do good. And, it may not require you to go out of the way too. You can easily use crowdfunding in India to help any cause you like while doing the things you like! Here are some fun events that we are sure you plan to do at some point, which you can use to create an impact.

  • Run for funds


It’s an ambitious target, but most young people have running a marathon on their bucket lists. While reaching the finish line will make you feel accomplished, you know what will add to that good feeling? Raising funds while you run! Dedicate your run to a particular cause and invite your friends and network to motivate you by contributing any amount they like. You can pick an NGO and disburse the money to them.

  • Birthday with a difference


Most people don’t think about it but a birthday is a perfect opportunity to raise funds for a cause you support. It’s usually when people, near and far, want to gift you something and they can do so by making a small contribution on your fundraiser! The collected amount can go to an NGO you’ve picked. Here’s how two 25-year-olds celebrated their birthdays by educating underprivileged girls.

  • Weddings / Babies


The same birthday fundraising model can be used for weddings and babies too. Celebrating your special day or the arrival of a new member can be made better by helping other lives in the process. Start a fundraiser and invite your guests to contribute a small sum to wish you well!

  • Travel with a cause


Bitten by wanderlust? You can take a step further to fundraise for communities you encounter on the way! While you take a roadtrip or visit another country or even visit a place less spoken about, you can start a fundraiser to help local communities and fight local problems. Jaclyn for instance, volunteered at an academy in Shillong and managed to raise Rs. 72,000 for the children there! You can too.

  • Exhibit your talent


If you are good at something, use it to do good! You can use your hobbies/ skills or your talent to raise funds. Eg. Have a small art exhibition if you are a painter and start a parallel fundraiser or have a bake sale and start a fundraiser to support the event. Personal engagement can bring more donors to your fundraiser and increase your donations.

You can use crowdfunding in India in other creative ways to do good to! So, what’s going to be your idea?