Face-to-face therapy vs. online counseling – They’re just different, not better or worse!

While there are some who make actual appointments with the therapist and prefers to see them in person, there are some others who prefer taking help of e-counseling. If you ever ask a counselor who offers both online and offline help, he will tell you that the process is neither better nor worse; they are just different from each other. Each approach towards counseling has its own set of pros and cons.

Is it true that counselors require seeing your body language?

There are some who nurture the notion that since the e-counselors are not able to see your body language, they are not able to do their job with effectiveness that is equal to face-to-face counselors. Well, the fact is that watching your body language may be vital when the counsellor’s job is to analyse someone but psychoanalysis is a part of this treatment.

Online therapy and conversations done over the web have enough potential to be more focused and it can remain between the client and the therapist. There will be no such distractions as to the way in which someone is sitting, what he is wearing and what all things are going on in the room. Hence, working together over the net can boost the total effectiveness of the entire session.

Face-to-face counseling over the web

The most prominent approach that can be taken towards talk therapy over the web is possibly through webcam counseling. Through webcam counseling, both you and the therapist will be able to see you over the webcam. You won’t have to worry about traveling to his chamber, traffic, or even about what you’re wearing. You can save a lot of time as you don’t require leaving your home. All that is needed is to have a functioning desktop PC with internet and webcam. To know more you may check out www.e-counseling.com for more information.

Counseling via instant messenger

Different people prefer the idea of therapy via the internet for more than one reason. There are instant message software like Windows Messenger and Skype which make it possible to participate in the therapy without being heard or seen. You can even type your issues and have the therapist respond to your queries is yet another refreshing alternative to give an expression to tough experiences which you may not wish to share vocally.

Online counseling is inevitably the ultimate direction towards which therapeutic practice is moving in the near future. Web-based talk therapy will have the possibility to assist people since it is a private option that is not only comfortable but also affordable.