Interesting things you didn’t know about your skin – Being more familiar

The skin is the largest organ of our body and still there is so much that we don’t know about our skin. From the advantages of having a facial massage to eliminating wrinkles, there are few skin experts who have shared the few secret things about your skin which you may not know.

As we know that our skin is the reflection of our overall health, hence it is better to remain on a healthy diet and to avoid junk food totally. Stop smoking if you’re an active smoker, exercise everyday and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Read on to know more on your skin.

#1: Decipher the benefits of botanicals

Botanicals are either a plant or a part of a plant which is revered for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, scent or flavor and that which can be used in the skin care products. Especially those botanicals which comprise of beta-carotene can enhance the tonal quality of your skin. Remember that products which contain botanicals have a hue on them as botanicals usually have their natural color. The only way in which any skin care product can be white in color is by the usage of chemicals.

#2: Massage your years away

If you thought that massage is only for our backs and necks, you’re wrong.  A facial massage also stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to release the chemical called collagen and regain the lost elasticity of the skin. There are many facials which provide different useful massage techniques.

#3: Your skin ages since your early-20s

Are you aware of the fact that your skin ages by the time you’re 20? Hence, don’t wait till you reach the age of 40 years old as it’s high time you start now. It has been said by experts that a 20 year old tends to lose collagen at a rate which is similar to a 40 year old. Therefore, by using the right products at the right time, you can prevent the collagen from burning off from your skin,

#4: Open pores are more preferable

When the pores of your skin are closed, this will mean reduced absorption of product. In order to get maximum benefit, preface the night care skin regimen by opening up the pores. Take a wash sloth, soak it in hot water and allow it to rest on your face for few minutes. Then you should apply moisturizers and serums.

Therefore, now that you know the best things about your skin, you should be careful before choosing your skin care products from so that you only buy something which is suitable for your skin.