Know More about the Medical Malpractice Cases

A medical malpractice case arises when a doctor or nurse or a medical staff harms a patient. The good news is that only a few medical malpractice cases are registered in the USA, it proves that doctors, nurses and the medical staffs are serious. However, sometimes they make mistakes and harm the patient. The patients face the problem, but they don’t have enough knowledge about the medical malpractice. Everything will be discussed here for the sufferers.

If a doctor or a medical staff makes a mistake, then the patient has right to get compensation from the insurance company. The patient can sue the doctor and the hospital authority. Here I am going to discuss the common errors by the medical team.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosi

The physicians and the medical staffs are serious, and they always try to save the life of the patients. Almost everything they save the life and cure a patient, but sometimes they make a mistake and due to their mistakes a patient can die or can be injured.

Childbirth Injuries

The medical teams are serious, and almost every time they take all the necessary steps. Unfortunately, sometimes, at the time of childbirth, the medical staffs make some mistakes. Many babies die every year in the USA and other countries also. The common cause of a child death is the head injury. A family member can complain against the hospital authority and the medical staffs and can ask for compensation.

Negligent Prenatal Care

The medical teams including the doctors and the nurses should check a pregnant patient properly. The doctors have duty take proper care of the mother and the unborn child. Unfortunately, they make mistakes and harm the patient and the unborn child. Common errors are including:

1. The doctors are unable to find the diseases of the fetus.
2. The doctor can’t locate the defects of a fetus.
3. The physicians fail to find the mothers diseases such as anemia, preeclampsia, etc.

Medication Errors

According to a 2006 study, more than 1.5 million medication errors are registered in the USA. The doctors prescribe wrong medicines. Suppose a patient has the liver problem, but the doctor prescribes the drugs for the blood sugar problem. Sometimes the doctors prescribe right drugs, but the doses are wrong. So the doctors should be more careful when wring the prescriptions.

Surgery Errors

The surgeons often make mistakes and kill or harm the patients.  During the time of an operation, the nursing staffs and the assistants have some duties, and they should obey the doctor.

Anesthesia Errors

The doctors should be careful when they inject the patients, and they should take the right dose for anesthesia; otherwise, the patient can die.

However, the family members and the patient have right to get compensation if the medical team including the doctors and others make mistakes. The medical malpractice cases are complicated, so the patients and the family members should consult with Los Angeles Lawyers for the compensation. The insurance companies always try to pay less; only an experienced lawyer can help the patient to get sufficient amount.