Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella bacteria has been found to the the cause of several public health infections in recent years, from the most serious Legionnaire’s disease to other diseases under the collective term ‘Legionellosis’. Given the increased awareness of Legionella and Health and Safety obligations, Legionella Risk Assessment Companies are feeding the growing demand.

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, all businesses should have a Legionella Risk Assessment undertaken to assess the risk of legionella bacteria.

A Legionella Risk Assessment considers the risks of contamination in an existing building, especially regarding water storage systems and reatment areas.

Legionnaire’s disease can be fatal to humans, but the impact on businesses can be fatal also. Public Health investigations, fines, bad publicity for businesses, loss of business, lost time injuries and illnesses and many other negative factors make a Legionella Risk Assessment a positive and proactive solution.

Why use Legionella Risk Assessment Companies?

Pureflow Solutions Ltd are a one of a growing number of specialist Legionella Risk Assessment Companies. Whilst they can undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment that’s in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s code of practice, they also provide many other water treatment services.

A legionella management plan for instance, will advise and help prevent the spread of Legionnaire’s disease. A Legionella Risk Assessment will often only investigate and report the risk of Legionella, rather than any countermeasures or management plans.

Staff training on the awareness of Legionella, along with best practices for water treatment, are also a valuable asset in the fight against Legionellosis.

Sampling programs may also be recommended, especially on storage areas or heating and cooling systems , along with disinfection services.

It’s simply not enough in many cases to only undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment, so be mindful of Legionella Risk Assessment Companies that will only assess risk – rather than countermeasures, contingencies or treatment plans.

Ideally, look for Legionella Risk Assessment Companies that will offer a wide range of water treatment and investigate solutions on a proactive basis, rather than just a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Conclusion: Legionella Risk Assessment Companies are vital for a business’s health and safety, as well as financial security

Make no mistake, Legionella can cost businesses lots of money – in some cases even closing companies down, in serious cases involving lawsuits and public prosecutions.

Whilst of course it would cost money to undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment, as well as implementing any improvement measures or water treatment plans, it’s far wiser (and often cheaper) than ignoring a business’s Health and Safety responsibilities.

Loss of productivity, illness or even death are all real-world risks of Legionella, so ask yourself is it better to be prepared – and benefit from  the services of Legionella Risk Assessment companies – or to run at risk?