Online Peptide Retailers Don’t Deliver What They Promised – Studies

If you are a regular buyer of peptides, then you will agree that you so not always get your order right from online peptide retailers. A study conducted recently shocked many people when it was revealed that close to 67% of online peptide retailers don’t deliver what they promised.

This is to the total dismay and inconvenience of the purchasers since they will have to return the products, and this process will most likely delay their experiments. But why is it that most retailers don’t deliver peptides as ordered or as promised?

The Wrong vendors

The number one reason why you are likely to get an incorrect order of peptides, is when you order from vendors. It should be noted that the industry is full of unscrupulous vendors whose interest is to make quick money from the increase in demand of peptides, and as such, they have no regard for quality and will swindle you the first chance they get.

Genuine error

In some instances, a customer may fail to get their correct order of peptides due to genuine errors that might have occurred when the order was being filled. Either the seller confuses the contents of the packages and ships the wrong item or they just made a genuine mistake in the process. With such cases, it is easy for the seller to accept the error and fix it by sending the correct orders as soon as this is noticed.

Presence of multiple variants

The same peptide may be available in a number of different variations, with different formulation and name. A customer may thus order Peptide A, but since it has a variant known as Peptide K, the seller delivers Peptide K if it happens that the ordered item is not in stock. Though this is normally not a big problem, it can be a big bother if the research required is strict in the use of variants.