The importance of health and wellness tourism

A preference for a tourist destination depends on a large part of the ability to charm, dream and share for the well-being and happiness of the tourists. At present, a quality and safety of health and wellness tourism is a decisive factor in the choice of a tourist destination. It is a composite tourist product of great complexity, which covers several by-products: medical tourism, aesthetic tourism, thalassotherapy, thermalism, health and wellness resorts and Assisted Residences.

Health tourism in general covers two scopes – national and international. At the global level, it favors the health and well-being paradigm advocated by the World Health Organization. For your info, we can’t confuse medical tourism with health tourism. Medical tourism is only one of the most important by-products of health tourism. The paradigm of emerging medicine in medical tourism, on a global scale, is an integrative medicine that articulates and integrates the most important contributions produced in the various medicines, namely an allopathic / western, an Ayurvedic / Indian, a homeopathic, a naturological / naturopathic and so on.

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The characteristics

In medical tourism it is advantageous that the pre- and post-operative of users / clients take place in hotel developments with all comfort and safety. After long trips like hydro and massotherapy in the SPAs, thalassos and spas contribute to the reduction of the risk of developing embolisms and relaxation. When the postoperative takes place in hotel developments, with medical supervision, there is a lower risk for the users to contract nosocomial infections. Convalescence is accelerated as the hospitalization costs are reduced and seasonality in the hotel industry is reduced.

As hotel units, which work in partnerships with hospitals and clinics, they must have adequate infrastructures and own circuits for medical / aesthetic tourism users / patients. Of course they should have minimum facilities to perform some medical actions. It is necessary that the different partners / stakeholders (public, private and associative) of formation / research / innovation articulate each other in a network (cluster), in order to develop synergies and economies of scale.

What you need to do as a traveler

If you are a person who has a particular disease or physical condition that is considered harmful or may disturb you during the holidays you are advised to choose a tourist destination that has the possibility to provide or implement fast medical measures.

What if you are the hotel owner or something

Providing medical tourism is a smart move to narrow your market segment. You can narrow your market segment while reducing competition “in the cup” by providing something that your business competitors do not provide much. You may need to consult established hospitals around you for concrete advice regarding the provision of medical tourism. By providing medical tourism you are one step closer to achieving what is called health and wellness tourism.