Things to Know Before Getting a Boob Job

If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery, then you are not alone. Statistics show that in the past few years, breast augmentation surgery has been one of the most requested types of cosmetic procedures in Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. amongst many other countries. Breast augmentation surgery is performed for a variety of reasons; these include enlarging small breasts, correcting breast asymmetry, and in some cases, reducing the size of large breasts. For many women, getting a boob job isn’t just about looking better – it has everything to do with their confidence and enabling them to feel sexy and great in their own skin. However, before you make the huge decision to go under the knife and get a boob job, there are some important things that you’ll need to know.

You’ll Probably Need to Commit to Further Procedures

When you decide to get breast implants Melbourne, it’s important to keep in mind that your first procedure will probably not be your last one. In general, around 25% of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery will need to go under the knife again after ten years or so, simply because implants do not last forever. Although the materials used are becoming better and much more advanced than they once were, there’s always the chance that you’ll need to have another procedure at some point in the future, especially if your circumstances change – weight loss, pregnancy, and several other factors can all contribute to your need to undergo a second procedure after a boob job.

You’ll Need to Take Time Off

If you’re thinking about getting a boob job, then make sure that you’ll be able to take enough time from work and your other commitments to give your body the rest that it needs during the recovery period. In general, breast augmentation patients are required to take at least 5-7 days from work after the procedure, where you’re best resting as much as possible and keeping movement to a minimum to allow your body to recover properly. Unless you work in a manual job, then you should be fine to return to work after this period of time. However, bear in mind that if you choose to have the implant placed behind, rather than on top of the muscle, this will usually take a little longer to thoroughly heal and will likely leave you feeling sore for a longer period afterwards, so take more time off if needed.

It’s Better to Make Small Changes

You may have been led to believe by the media that you can easily go up a number of cup sizes all at once, but any good cosmetic surgeon will tell you that this isn’t always the best way to go about things. If you are hoping for a breast enlargement and are starting with quite a small A-cup, for example, then don’t expect to be able to go up to a DD-cup, or even a D-cup in just one procedure. Bear in mind that your skin and body will find it more difficult to adjust to drastic changes, therefore a huge enlargement could actually be putting your health at risk. Speak to your surgeon about setting realistic goals and the best course of action to take to get the size that you desire safely.