Top 4 Reasons for Choosing the Hair Transplant Procedure

Nowadays with the advancement of technique, expertise, skills, knowledge and technology the procedure, related to cosmetic surgery industries also gets a boom, which attracted the clients/patients in a wide spectrum. The procedure of hair restoration becomes possible, comfortable, and easily accessible to all groups of people in the society due to the cost concerns, hassle free treatment, without pain and discomfort and the most important the availability of expert Surgeons/Doctors with the best possible outcomes of re-growth of hair. The hair transplant procedure in India becoming the most selected choices among the people because of the budget cost concern and the Doctors/Surgeons in India also plays a pivotal role in order to grab the attention of the clients. We are fortunate that our country has this spectrum to grab the attention of people in the global market and the role of the pink city, Jaipur comes first in this behalf. The hair transplant in Jaipur gaining their importance day-by-day due to the prime factor of World’s topmost Surgeon’s availability in their courtyard.

Here we are mentioning the Top 4 Factors for Choosing the Hair Transplant Procedure in terms of how that is a wise decision for the bald people?

  1. Permanent Result

The procedure of hair transplant surgery is the only a permanent solution in order to get over the problem of baldness. No other option rather than the procedure of restoration will have the lifelong result. Medications and wig are a temporary option to hide the baldness for a time being, but the option of hair transplant procedure have a life longer sustainable result, which is your own body hair that is needed to be shifted from the donor location to the recipient one in such a manner that the people get a head full of hair.

  1. Neither Pain nor the Side effect

An expert and good hair transplant Surgeon always very much conscious about the hygiene, safety and comfortable hair transplant surgery and that is why they use the alternates to reduce the discomfort like nominal pain during the harvesting of the strip and scars after the excision of the strip from the donor area in the FUT hair transplant procedure and the same thing, but in different ways during the FUE procedure. The doctor uses the local anaesthesia to make the pain, minimal and it has effected till 24 hours, which makes a patient comfortable during the whole procedure. There is no any side effect after the procedure of hair transplant.

  1. Do not bother about the Scar if Trichophytic closure

After harvesting the strip from the donor area the wound needed to be closed with the suture and it is a suture which determines the possibility of scars or not! However, the sutures if done properly with the advanced closing technique like the Trichophytic closure, the possibility of scars will be zero to minimal. The Trichophytic closure is an advanced technique of closing that is performed in such a manner that the skin of the incision area will overlap with each other and provides camouflage in a linear donor scar results in the growing of hair directly through the donor scar which avoids the possibility of scars in the hair restoration procedure.

  1. Budget Cost

Cost is not an issue for the hair transplant procedure as the cost of the procedure in India weighs less and easily available in the context of the expert hair transplant Surgeon, best hair transplant centre/clinic and the last, but not least a fair price that based on the number of grafts takes a genuine price which attracts the clients/patients worldwide.


The procedure of hair restoration is one of the best decisions if you are facing the hair loss problem as it provides you long lasting results with your own original hair grafts which effects are natural and aesthetic completely