Top 7 signs of Varicocele

If you are a male, you have probably heard of varicocele. If so, you probably know that varicocele is a medical condition similar to varicose veins that appear in the legs. The thing that many don’t know about varicocele is that it can even, if not treated correctly, affect the fertility of those who suffer from it. Yes, it is a known fact that many cases of male infertility are linked to untreated, undiagnosed varicocele.

So, what is varicocele? A varicocele occurs when flawed blood flow occurs constantly in the veins that surround the testicles. When this happens, these veins begin to enlarge excessively to the point of being permanently bloated in one or various places. In consequence, the excess of tissue surrounding the testes and the accumulation of blood causes the testicles to increase in temperature, and as you may know, the testicles need to be cooler than the rest of the body so they can store sperm safely. When sperm is not at an ideal temperature, it can suffer damage; its count can decrease and also its quality. Sperm count and quality are essential to male fertility.

Finally, the worst can occur. A man can have a lot of problems impregnating his partner.

So, how can you identify varicocele? These 7 seven can provide you with some orientation for your daily life:

You have an uncomfortable, hard to describe sensation on one or both of your testicles.

Yeah, the main sign can be provided by yourself. If you feel a small but uncomfortable sensation on one of your testicles, you may have one or more varicoceles. It is often felt after changing your clothes or having sexual intercourse. Some men describe it as the sensation of having a little bit of weight pulling down your testicles softly, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

Your doctor says so.

The second sign is often not as unreliable as your own human senses. If you felt the sensations described in the tip number one, you may want to go to the doctor, after all, is what your most important sense (your common sense) will tell you to do. Your favorite physician will do a physical examination, and by all means, do it. It is not a prostate exam, so be relieved. The doctor will tell you to exhale and inhale, while he touches your testicle. It is often easy to tell if there is a varicocele, even if it is small, the varicocele, it is. The next thing your doctor may ask you to do is to ask if you want surgery, or suggest you take a spermiogram, which is a sperm laboratory exam that tells you if everything is still in order down there and you can have your babies. Don’t worry, many doctors, with small varicocele and if your spermiogram demonstrate so, that varicocele is not a big deal, and you can skip surgery.

Anyways, Natural Varicocele Treatment is always an option. If you still feel uncomfortable down there you can use temperature therapy, use cold packs on your testicles for a few minutes at different moments of your day to ease the pain. Surgery is not mandatory in all cases.

You see a lump in your scrotum

This is a mayor red flag, not only for varicocele. The lump doesn’t always hurt when you touch it, but it can sometimes if this is a case that has prolonged too much.

You feel pain when you stand up for long periods of time

This can be especially noticeable when you finally get to sit or lie down, and you feel some relief.

When the weather gets hot, you feel worse

If you feel you feel this weird pain in your testicle(s) when there is hot weather, you should think of varicocele.

You see a resemblance between a bag of worms and your scrotum

If you have an advanced case of varicocele, your scrotum will look swollen and resemble an enlarged bag of worms.

Your testosterone is way down

If you notice low sex drive, lack of will, depression, erectile dysfunction, lack of initiative along with the previous signs, it is likely that you have a varicocele.