UTI Relief According to Experts

Urinary tract infection or UTI is one of the most common bacterial infections. Regardless of the type of infection that you will contract, you can always expect that the range of symptoms that you are likely going to experience will be uncomfortable. It is also a fact that this infection tends to occur more in women not only due to their anatomy, but also due to birth control methods that they may be using, as well as their sexual activity.

There are usually several conflicting opinions regarding how the infection should be treated. However, prevention is always the universal advice that stands out from the rest. Urologists recommend making it a habit to drink lots of water every day, avoiding urination delays is also important. People who believe that they are experiencing symptoms of the infection are advised to visit their doctor. They can seek the help of qualified healthcare provider too. These are the experts that can make the diagnosis after a urine culture from a sample of your urine has been obtained. This will help make it easier for them to not only establish the right diagnosis, but to also prescribe the appropriate antibiotic therapy.

While doctors like Dr Toby Ikueke usually go for antibiotics to treat infections in the urinary tract, implementing some home remedies will not really hurt if you want to diminish the chances of you getting UTI. The faster one will get the condition treated, then the less severe the symptoms are going to be. Below are some home items that may help you treat the infection.

Cranberry juice concentrate

This is a good choice for infections thanks to the D-mannose it contains. It has the ability to stop bacteria from getting attached to the walls of the bladder, thus, making it possible to get it flushed out. It can be taken in its concentrated form without any sugar in it, though some people may find it too bitter. There are also those that choose to take it in capsule form.

Apple cider vinegar

Adding a tablespoon of AVC to one pint of warm water and then drinking it two times a day can be beneficial. This will help get the pH in the bladder changed so it becomes less hospitable for bacteria. ACV has been known to help curb bacterial overgrowth. It can even help boost digestion as well as neutralise stomach acid.

Keep yourself hydrated

A very important thing to remember when it comes to dealing with a urinary tract infection is to flush the bacteria out and to keep yourself properly hydrated. Drinking lots of liquid and making sure that you aren’t holding it in is very important.

Needless to say, seeing your doctor is always advised when the symptoms get prolonged. Learn more about urinary tract infection, how to treat it and prevent it by reading about Dr Toby Ikueke online.