Waste recycling Cardboard

STATEMENT: If a company produces a large amount of recyclable waste, such as cardboard, it is going to need a baler or compactor to deal with it.

FACT: This is incorrect, as although sites like Miltek have a range of balers, compactors and accessories, their use can be reduced by innovative solutions to reuse packaging.

Customers benefit

A wine warehouse and outlet in Northern France has the right idea when it comes to the waste its business generates. Empty boxes, once home to six or twelve bottles of wines, beers or spirits, are piled high by the exit, and customers are encouraged to use them to take their purchases away in. Many of the truck drivers who stop there use these boxes to store their belongings in their vehicles and at least one regular customer is never short of free fuel for his heating system. That’s a new take on recycling, for sure. It’s also environmentally friendly and very useful for the customers.

Reduction in running costs

But hospitals too can make good use of the packaging their supplies arrive in. Incinerating the waste on site provides a source of heat, thus reducing heating costs. It also reduces the cost of recycling for the hospital itself, as many waste items are simply never sent off site, but loaded straight into the incinerator. Staff will find themselves with a ready source of handy boxes of all sizes too. From large packing boxes to small mailing packets, there is bound to be something to suit. Difficult present to wrap? No problem. Head to the disposal and find a suitable box. Moving offices? Larger boxes are available to help staff pack everything neatly before finding a trolley to take their possessions to their new location.

Help a horse

Local stables, livery or racing yards might even be willing to take flattened boxes for use as horse bedding. Some horses have the equine equivalent of eczema or asthma, and their owners will quickly find that straw gives them a rash or makes them wheezy. These horses’ health will improve when bedded on something that is not straw. In turn this will give their quality of life a boost and lower their veterinary bills.

Stacks of storage

Other businesses could adapt these ideas to reduce their baling costs and compactor use. Students and renters could make use of a free supply of boxes when moving house. Anyone selling their house or looking to declutter could also benefit from something which would otherwise be recycled. Large boxes can take items going into storage or for packing up a room’s worth of clothing, ornaments or utensils before redecorating or replacing. Packing boxes are available from storage companies, but at a price, so those organisations which naturally have a large amount of cardboard boxes, such as supermarkets or warehouses, can capitalise on this by making them available to anyone who needs them.

However cardboard waste can be reused, it is better to reuse it than simply bin it. Miltek France http://www.miltek.fr/ have some very effective balers and compactors for those businesses where onward recycling by customers is not an option, but the company would rather that the contents of the bales are reused until they have no further use before their machines see them.