What is A Good Cream for Melasma?

Melasma is one of the most common skin conditions that people (mainly women) suffer with. This skin condition normally shows up on areas of the skin that’s exposed to sunlight.

Women with a dark skin tone are the ones who are most likely affected by melasma. However, some men and women with lighter skin tone can also develop it.

The most common cause of melasma is due to hormone imbalance. Whenever hormones like progesterone and estrogen are not balanced properly it will cause the uneven dark patches that is known as melasma.

There are several triggers that could cause this hormonal imbalance, but excessive exposure to sun rays is probably the most common trigger of them all.

Best Melasma Treatment Creams

There are several melasma treatments that are usually recommended to get rid of the dark patches caused by this persistent skin hyperpigmentation. Probably the most commonly used treatment for melasma are creams that are designed to lighten skin.


One of these creams is known as niacinamide, which is created using vitamin B3. This melasma cream is often preferred because it’s made naturally from vitamin B3 rather than chemicals that can be a little too harsh for some people’s skin. Other than its skin lightening abilities it can also prevent photocarcinogenesis and reduce wrinkles on the skin.


Another popular melasma cream is called hydroquinone, which helps reduce the appearance of melasma by stopping the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase. Many people are cautious about using this cream as a melasma treatment though because it is made of chemicals that can damage the skin if used long term.

If you notice that your skin is too sensitive to use this cream stop using it immediately. To use hydroquinone to get rid of melasma you have to apply it directly on the dark patches and rub it in thoroughly. Apply this cream on your melasma at least 2 times daily for the best results.

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Porcelain isn’t a cream it is more like a serum that has powerful skin whitening abilities. The reason it is so effective in removing melasma spots is because it is made up with several different skin lightening properties such as hydroquinone and kojic acid. The advantage of using the porcelain serum over other skin lightening creams is that it doesn’t dry your skin out.

The best way to use this cream is to apply it directly on the affected area right before you go to sleep. In the morning wash it off and re-apply it if necessary throughout the day.

These are 3 of the best melasma creams to finally beat this aggressive skin condition that always seems to show up at the wrong time. You may have to give each one a try to see which one really works the best for you.