What is Nutrisystem Diet’s advantage over DIY diets?

Planning ahead before you do things certainly has an advantage, right? It beats scrambling around at the last minute and getting over stressed. Smooth sailing through a project or an assignment becomes possible with an effective plan in place.

 Let’s face it. We are all busy and we are completely surrounded by all types of food. It seems like food is everywhere. We turn on the TV and see food advertisements. We go out of our houses and see neighborhood convenient stores stocked full of food. The gastronomic display is too much.

It is small wonder that obesity has become one of the major health problems confronting us today. Food has become an obsession rather than something to energize us day after day. The old saying “Live to eat” has become the norm instead of “Eat to live”.

The good news about all this is the willingness of people to do something about their weight. The first thing people do when they want to lose weight is to go on a diet. This means food planning. This means food shopping and label reading. This means food preparation. This means cooking.

Nutrition skills also need to be acquired to make food preparations get the right portion control and nutritional values. The dieter has to understand the healthy food options, food labels, and calorie awareness.

Losing weight is tough, more so when you have to figure out the various relationships food has over your weight. But, it can be done in an easier way that takes off the hard work of meal planning and calorie counting. How?

A structured diet like Nutrisystem

Countless studies have been conducted to find out if structured diets like Nutrisystem can make it easier for people to lose weight. The studies point of comparison was between structured diets and DIY diets.

A US study divided two groups: one group with the structured diet and the other group provided with daily diet plans. The study wanted to determine if people given actual food preparations would lose more weight than people who were educated with healthy food options.

The study ran for 6 months and made the following discoveries:

  • The participants who followed a structured diet program with prepackaged foods provided lost, on average, 11.8 kg
  • The participants who were educated with a proper diet plan showed only a loss of 8 kg

To follow up on the study, it was discovered that a year after it was conducted people on the structured diet plans reaped more weight loss benefits. They were able to stay true to their weight loss program even when they were “weaned” from their structured diet plans. The average weight loss for the group was around 7kg.

For the other group educated on the healthy food options, people also fared well by sticking to their diet. However, their average weight loss was only 3kg.

This goes to show that structured diet plans such as Nutrisystem help people to lose weight and keep it off.

How would a structured diet like Nutrisystem help you lose weight?

How would a structured diet that provides prepackaged foods help in your weight loss program?

  • The diet program recommends 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day
  • The meals are designed to give the most effective results
  • Educate dieters on healthy food options to keep around their homes
  • Help people plan their meals together with their families
  • Help dieters to keep track of their progress
  • Give balanced meals that are packed with nutrients but low in calories
  • Gives flexible diet programs to give dieters the food choices they want
  • Gives free counseling to keep dieters stay on track
  • Guarantees weight loss even without physical activity
  • Recommends but does not require exercise or any form of physical activity
  • Offers transition programs to help dieters stay on track after the diet program has ended
  • Offers the convenience of prepackaged foods delivered right to your home address

While structured diet programs such as Nutrisystem may not be for everyone, they are worth trying if you want to lose weight fast and easy. The structured framework provided by Nutrisystem can pave the way for you to develop your own meal plans.

In closing

In our era of DIY, diets have also become one of the important projects. A DIY diet is good if you are focused, determined, and have time to do it. Meal planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking can be time-consuming. Notwithstanding, meal portion control and calorie-counting can literally be a pain. Worse, if you don’t have cooking skills.

Structured diet programs like Nutrisystem takes care of everything. The prepackaged meals are delivered right to your doorstep along with a meal guide. All you need to do it to reheat the foods, and you’re good to go. Losing weight the healthy way is all done for you. What more can you ask for?