What Not To Eat When Losing Weight

Eating habits have a strong effect on your weight loss and gain journey. Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, you need to eat healthy. With healthy food, dieters also feel free to use best over the counter appetite suppressants as well as weight loss pills. But you need to mix these with a healthy diet to obtain the result fast. For instance, if you are using pills to lose weight fast and combine it with healthy food, then you will be losing all the extra kilos in less time.

People are confused when choosing healthy food as most of them are incognizant of what to eat or what not to when losing weight. So here is the list of food that you need to avoid to get into a good shape.

Artificial Sweetener

Most dieters stop consuming sugar when losing weight, but they start taking artificial sweetener. There is nothing wrong in artificial sweetener and some diet plans allow the dieters to consume it, but to include a lot of artificial sweeteners in daily food is a bit dicey. It is also a fact that artificial sweeteners are sweeter than the sugar that makes you crave for more sweet or sugary food. Due to which people end up consuming more junk. On the other hand, people who limit their artificial sweetener intake remain more energized without any cravings.


People choose margarine thinking it as an alternative to butter. But margarine contains high amount of trans fat that can be a reason of high cholesterol and we all know how risky to have a sudden increase in cholesterol level. The calories and ingredients added in the margarine are also somewhat similar to the butter.


Soy Sauce

It is true that soy sauce is low in calories, but most of the people are unaware that it is high in sodium increase the risk of hypertension as well as keep you bloated. You may find some low-sodium soy sauce as well as.

Fruit Juice

Dieters consider breakfast incomplete without juice. It is also a fact that fruit juices are more prioritized when people are on a diet just because it has a word ‘fruit’ attached to it. Fruit juices contain sweet stuff so don’t rely on the juices all the time. Water is a great substitute.


Although ketchup is a condiment that is not harmful, it is also a fact that it contains high amount of salt and sugar. So ketchup is not a nice option when losing weight. It goes really well with the French fries, but if you are losing weight, then you shouldn’t be eating it as well.

Sugar-Free Products

All such products seem low in calories and most dieters prefer to consume them when on a weight loss journey. But these products are perilous than one can imagine. Such products contain sugar alternatives that can increase the insulin level.

It is inevitable that dieters can’t eat healthy all the time, but try to consume healthy food overall to stay in shape.